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Let’s Plan Your Lawn Care & Plant Health Programs Now

Why would you want to plan for your lawn care and plant health now, when your more immediate need is snow and ice control? Because spring will be here before you know it and you’ll want your lawn, trees and shrubs to get off to a healthy start. Our lawn care and Plant Health Care […]

Have A Wonderful Holiday

As we enter the final days of holiday planning, I’d like to share with you the Birchcrest Tree & Landscape family’s sincere wish that you and your family enjoy the most wonderful holiday ever. And may 2018 be healthy, safe and prosperous and, together, may we keep our world green.

Christmas Tree Tips

Time is running out to buy a real Christmas tree. Your timing is good for the tree, however, because, by Christmas Day, a tree that has stood out in the cold for awhile will be better preserved than one in your warm house since Thanksgiving. When you go shopping for a cut Christmas tree, here […]

Sustainability. It’s more than a buzzword

The search for sustainability is creeping into all corners of our lives, not the least of which is our landscaping. That’s because living plants lend themselves to sustainability better than inanimate environments. The Cambridge dictionary defines sustainability as the ability to continue at a particular level for a period of time. Applied to landscapes, sustainability […]