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Let’s Plan Your Lawn Care & Plant Health Programs Now

Why would you want to plan for your lawn care and plant health now, when your more immediate need is snow and ice control? Because spring will be here before you know it and you’ll want your lawn, trees and shrubs to get off to a healthy start.

Our lawn care and Plant Health Care (PHC) renewals have been mailed to our customers. I urge you to send yours back as soon as possible to take advantage of any pre-pay discounts. More importantly, New York State law prohibits us from performing any of the recommended services until we have your signed contract. A signed contract renewal is required every year, even if you’re a longtime customer.

Lawn care begins with an early fertilization soon after the last snow melts. We consider this application to be an essential jumpstart for your lawn as soon as it breaks dormancy. Pre-emergent crabgrass killer is also an early application.

Plant Health Care programs start even earlier than lawn care. As soon as the temperature rises above 40° F, we begin applying dormant oil to trees and shrubs. Many insects overwinter in your plants. Dormant oil coats the pests while they’re dormant, smothering them. Some insects like gypsy moth overwinter as eggs and dormant oil coats the egg cases to prevent a whole new generation of this voracious pest from defoliating your valuable trees.

Our dormant oil applications have to be completed before your plants leaf out. If applied to a foliated plant, the oil can interfere with the leaves’ ability to absorb carbon dioxide and transpire water.

The timing for controlling weeds, insects and diseases in your landscape requires academic knowledge and local experience. Our trained, knowledgeable professionals relieve you of the need to identify the pests in your landscape and take the right action at the right time. This leaves you with less worry and more time to enjoy your landscape.

If you’ve never had the peace of mind and the additional free time you’ll have when our professionals are responsible for your landscape’s health, there’s still time to begin a lawn care and Plant Health Care program for 2018.

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