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Arbor Day This Friday

This Friday, April 27, we observe a holiday that could be considered “Gift of Life” day. It’s Arbor Day. Although Arbor Day is set aside to plant trees, it’s also a day on which we should consider the tremendous gifts trees give us.

Sure, trees are beautiful and they provide shade in the summer and protection from wind and snow in winter, but they also provide us with the very oxygen we breathe. Trees also take in the harmful carbon dioxide we exhale.

Plant one or more trees this Friday. If you make it a family affair, you can turn it into a learning experience for your children. Have everyone take a deep breath when you’ve finished planting and then thank your new tree and all the rest of the trees in your yard for their contribution to your life and health.

If you can’t celebrate Arbor Day on Friday, fear not. Saturday or Sunday will be just fine. Trees don’t know the difference.

Arbor Day can be a great family outing. Decide where you’re going to plant your new tree before you go to the garden center to buy it. Take note of the conditions in that location. Is it full sun, partial sun or shade? Are there power lines nearby? Is it in the path of the wind? Is it at the top or bottom of a hill or grade? When grown, will the tree hang over your house, pool or other structures? All of these conditions determine the species of tree you should plant in that location. All of the tree’s preferences should be listed on the nursery tag attached to the tree. If you have any questions about the information on the tag, talk to one of the horticulturists at your nursery or garden center. That way, you’ll be sure that you’ll be planting the right tree in the right place.

Right tree – right place is the landscaper’s mantra. If the tree isn’t happy where it’s planted, it will be very high maintenance. I guess it’s just like people who aren’t happy where they are. In the case of trees, however, high maintenance can mean frequent pruning and annual or twice annual fertilization. If the tree isn’t happy, it will show stress and its health will decline. This attracts insects and diseases. All this can be avoided if you do a little research and plant the right tree in the right place.

Join families all over the country who will make their trip to the garden center and tree planting experience a fun family outing to celebrate a holiday that dates back to 1872. Happy Arbor Day…and remember the mantra, Right Tree – Right Place.

One comment on “Arbor Day This Friday

  1. Where I am at, we are more concerned with cutting down tan oaks that have succumbed to sudden oak death syndrome than planting trees. The forest is so dense here. Contrarily, we can not plant enough trees in certain parts of Los Angeles! I really wish I could relocate some of the extra trees from here! Our day for planting there is January 18 though. (It is a long story, but works for us.)

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