Why Consider A Water Feature?

A water feature completes a landscape. Water is part of nature, just like plants and birds. Its sound is soothing, and watching it flow or fall is relaxing, almost Zen like.

All water features are variations on three basic designs – ponds, streams and fountains. Space is one of the primary considerations when selecting a style of water feature. If you have a very small space, you may prefer a fountain. If you want to raise koi, you’ll want a pond. And, for the natural look, consider a stream. Regardless of the type of water feature you select, the water should be circulated through a pump and, in some cases, a filter. All water features should recirculate the water in order to be environmentally sound and sustainable.

Ponds with fish swimming in them are the most popular water features in our area. They are followed by streams. Either a pond or stream is built by digging out the water feature area. The space is then lined with a flexible, rubber liner. The liner is hidden with rocks and plants. A place also has to be made to hide the pump and filter. This is often behind a waterfall, which can be incorporated into both ponds and streams.

Ponds and streams are usually more rustic and natural than most fountains. Fountains blend in with the hardscape more than the plantscape, and may be of any design that fits your landscape. They range from classic fountains reminiscent of formal European gardens to more modern designs. Bubbler fountains are quite popular because of their unique, soothing sound. Some are at ground level; they look like water bubbling out of a stone or a hole in a paving piece. Regardless of the design, the water bubbling from them is nice and relaxing.

Other unique water features include water walls like that pictured. This one was at Minter Gardens, a public garden (now closed) near Vancouver, British Columbia. Creative, cascading fountains know no limits. They are only limited by the designer’s imagination.

If the thought of designing and building a water feature is overwhelming, our designers are experienced at integrating water features into all styles of landscape designs. And, we have the skilled installation professionals who can bring it all to reality without you ever having to lift a finger.

2 comments on “Why Consider A Water Feature?

  1. Synthetic water features never made much sense to me. When I would stay at my Pa’s home in Montara years ago, I could only sleep with the windows closed because the sound of the ocean kept me awake. At my home, the sound of Zayante Creek could be rather obnoxious after a storm. However, when I go to my colleagues house and hear how effectively the quiet sound of his three small fountains obscures the noise of the nearby Santa Monica Freeway, I am impressed. The fountains are just enough to obscure the noise, without being too noisy themselves.

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