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Survey Your Domain

With the fall planting season just around the corner, this would be a good time to take stock of your landscape. An inventory will help you determine if there are any bare spots in your landscape that should be taken care of this fall.

Check your landscape from every angle possible to see where new plants are needed; existing trees and shrubs need pruning, maintenance or repair; or plants can be moved to a better spot in your landscape. Take photos so you can share the images and your thoughts for the future with your landscape designer.

How did your lawn survive the summer? Mother Nature can fill in small bare spots but you’re on your own if the sun damaged big sections. They’ll need repair, which includes raking out the dead grass, roughing the soil, seeding and watering.

If your family marked one or more special occasion(s) this year, planting a tree would be an appropriate way to remember the event. Your family will continue to enjoy the tree’s benefits long after you’re gone.

After looking over your domain, you may be dissatisfied with the whole thing. Our designers can present you with a master plan for updating or renovating that fits your style and budget. You can choose to have the whole transformation done this fall or spread it out over several years.

Landscapes that are phased in will be designed and installed in such a way that neighbors and passersby won’t realize that you are amortizing the job over several seasons. The existing landscape will remain in place until you give us the green light to begin that phase.

Remain the monarch of your realm and bring your landscape into the 21st century. We have just the professionals to help you do it.

Photo Caption: Upon surveying his domain, this homeowner found that this holly needed pruning.

One comment on “Survey Your Domain

  1. Embarrassingly, we are pruning the rhododendrons. We could not get to them in season, but had time to do it now. I SO hate cutting off the buds for next year. I would not have minded doing it earlier while there was still time for them to grow and make more. Anyway, in the process, we found some that are overwhelmed by others, and some that layered stems. We intend to come back later in autumn to dig and relocate those that are redundant, as well as some of those that have layered.
    Is that Saint Francis or Saint Fiacre? He seems to be holding a dish of bird seed, so I would guess he is Saint Francis. He is more common anyway.

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