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Be A Landscape Trend Setter In 2019

If you’re planning to renovate your landscape in 2019, a must read is the “Annual Garden Trends Report,” published by the Garden Media Group. This report is used by landscape designers and other green industry professionals to create the most modern landscapes for their clients. Here are a few ideas that you may want to incorporate into your design for a truly trendy landscape.

This year’s report leads off with the statement: “The Future of Gardening Looks Joyful.” And, that’s what landscaping and gardening is all about – giving us joy and making us feel good. And, one of the ways that’s being done is to bring Mother Nature back to her rightful place.

The 2019 report is as philosophical as it is specific. Interestingly, landscaping set sales records in 2018. In previous years, Millenials said they didn’t have time or interest in working in the garden, although they liked plants and nice landscaping, as long as someone else maintained it. Now, 29% of millenials consider themselves gardeners. Of course gardens can mean anything from a single houseplant to a complete landscape.

A great deal of interest in the environment was expressed. This included…

• Sustainable designs using native plants. This is the hottest trend, according to 83% of landscape architects.

• Zero Waste. Composting has been around for years but zero waste gives people a goal of directing their organic waste to the compost heap and recyclables to the recycle bin. Composting can reduce household waste by nearly 40%., according to the report

• Pollinators. People are concerned, and rightly so, by the reduced number of flying insects. The report says the UN warns that 40% of pollinators – especially bees and butterflies – risk global extinction. You can help turn this troublesome statistic around by including a pollinator garden in your landscape

• Invasives. People are concerned about the rapid spread of invasive plants and insects. Species like the emerald ash borer and spotted lanternfly have no natural predators here so they spread fast. Then there are invasive plants like the poisonous giant hogweed.

One finding that’s particularly disturbing is that indoors is the new outdoors. People are spending so much time indoors with their electronic devices that they are bringing their plants indoors, rather than putting their devices aside and going outdoors. The report says, “In the last few years, Millenials were responsible for 31% of houseplant sales, according to Garden Research. Com.” They are even referring to themselves as “plant parents.”

Technology has led to “robogardening “ – planning, planting, watering and even weeding remotely. And, this is just the beginning. You can already buy a robotic mower and landscape professionals are making greater use of drones.

I hope this information gives you food for thought as you think about the future of your landscape. Click this link if you would like to read to complete Garden Trends Report and click on the report at the top right.

One comment on “Be A Landscape Trend Setter In 2019

  1. GOODNESS! Where to start?! Okay . . . I won’t.
    Do you ever notice my rants on Wednesday?
    These concepts are good, but . . . Okay, I won’t get started. . . You can see why.

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