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Let’s Get Ready For Lawn Season

There’s an old saying that pre-emergent crabgrass control should be applied when forsythia bloom. Although other factors enter the picture, the appearance of these prolific yellow flowers serves as a good reminder. And, they will soon make their appearance for 2019.

Crabgrass is, possibly, the peskiest weed in our lawn, and the only one that can be treated effectively only with a pre-emergent product. Pre-emergent prevents latent seeds from germinating; other weeds are best killed after they appear.

The ubiquitous crabgrass pre-emergent application is just the first step in a season long relationship with your lawn. It’s also going to need several fertilizer applications. The first can be applied at the same time as the pre-emergent to help the grass break dormancy and begin greening up.

When dandelions and other broadleaf weeds appear, they’ll need to be dealt with, possibly two or three times during the season.

There is one bright spot. If you treated for grubs last fall, you probably don’t need to treat again this spring. The best way to be sure is to cut several one square foot pieces of sod in different parts of the lawn. Pull the sod back and check for grubs. They are white and crescent shaped. If there are six or fewer in each square foot, they won’t do enough damage to warrant treatment. Seven or more calls for treatment.

The healthiest thing you can do for your lawn is to mow high. Set your mower deck height to 3.5 to four inches. Mowing high encourages deep, healthy roots and thick turf. Weeds like to grow where there is open space but your lush, thick turf won’t leave them any room.

This may seem like an awful lot of work, and you’ll be right. It’s much easier to hire our lawn care professionals. They’ll make the necessary treatments at the most effective time. You won’t have to keep watching the calendar and the weather conditions and make everything fit into your schedule. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy your nice, green lawn.

One comment on “Let’s Get Ready For Lawn Season

  1. This is something that I SO do NOT miss about my garden in town. Because the home was on a suburban street with many others of the same, I could not get rid of the lawn. The problem was that it did NOTHING. There were no children or dogs there. Yet, I needed to maintain it. I so wanted to put something useful there, like vegetables or fruit trees; but the neighbors would not have liked that.

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