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Clean & Prepare Your Water Feature

Fountains and water features are designed into landscapes to provide soothing calmness and tranquility during the spring, summer and fall seasons. In winter, however, they have to be winterized to protect them. I have some helpful advice for transitioning your water feature from winter hibernation to summer pleasure.

Water features are different in each landscape. They range from simple, self-contained fountains to elaborate creations, from simple waterfalls to sizeable koi ponds. Some people choose to hire professionals to winterize and summarize their water features, while others prefer to do it themselves.

For the DIYer, I suggest that you…

• Wait until the chance of a frost or freeze has passed.

• Inspect the pump, clean it and apply any necessary lubrication. Check the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions.

• Clean filters, spillways, vinyl liners and any man made surfaces.

• Reconnect the plumbing.

• Add water to the fountain or pond as needed.

• Make sure everything is primed that has to be primed.

• Turn on the water.

• Check for leaks.

• Add any necessary chemicals.

• Return any plants or animals that spent the winter elsewhere.

A water feature can be a landscape’s crowning touch. It complements the plants by adding an auditory dimension to the landscape’s visual appeal. I hope you’re able to dedicate no more than a day to preparing your water feature for the forthcoming season so you can enjoy it with little or no stress.

One comment on “Clean & Prepare Your Water Feature

  1. Since Zayante Creek flows through my garden, I sort of though that fountains were rather silly. However, my colleague in Mid City Los Angeles uses three small fountains to muffle the sound of the nearby Santa Monica Freeway. You would never know that the backyard is is so close to all that traffic.

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