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The Importance Of Fall Cleanup

Has fall cleanup become a scheduled part of your annual landscape activity, or is it hit and miss – you go out and do what needs to be done when you feel like doing it? Fall can be a beautiful season or it can be a depressing season as you look forward to winter. However, the leaves will fall, plants will still need to be winterized and those last fruits and vegetables still need to be harvested. Scheduling the various tasks can take some of the stress off you when the time comes to do the work.

Last fall, I posted this list of fall cleanup jobs. Hopefully, you saved it for this year but if you didn’t or are a new reader, here it is again:

• Clean up all trash that has blown on to your property.
• Remove dead stems and leaves from perennials and toss them onto the compost pile.
• Divide perennials.
• Rake, blow or mow fallen leaves for mulch or compost.
• Apply grub control if your lawn needs it.
• Lower your mower blade to 2”-2 ½” in early October and mow at that height until the end of the season.
• Prepare your lawn mower and other power tools for winter storage, following the manufacturers’ instructions.
• Put your deck or patio furniture in storage.
• Bring your containerized plants indoors or place them in a cold frame for the winter.
• Finish harvesting veggies from your vegetable garden.
• Apply anti-desiccant to evergreens.
• Wrap tender young trees.
• Critter proof trees and shrubs.
• Mulch trees, shrubs and planting beds.
• Fertilize as necessary
• Have us inspect your trees and remove any hazards.

Fall cleanup has a number of benefits. Your property will look better if we have low snowfall this winter. It will also look tidy in the spring, even before you do your spring cleanup. Cleaning up leaves and papers can protect your lawn from holding too much moisture that can lead to winter fungal diseases. You’ll protect your valuable plants when you winterize those that need extra care, and you’ll protect people and property when we inspect your trees and remove any hazards. And finally, getting out on brisk, fall days and getting some useful exercise will make you feel better about the arrival of winter.

One comment on “The Importance Of Fall Cleanup

  1. Cleanup is not an option for us. We are blowing off all the roofs and gutters before the weather starts. Redwoods drop debris all years. Even if we clear all the gutters in time, the weather brings down more debris!

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