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Return Your Plant Health Care Contract For Discount

Our Plant Health Care and lawn care customers have received their contract renewals for 2020. If you are one of those recipients, I urge you to read it carefully, sign it and send it back.

Note the paragraph that describes the early bird discount. If you choose to pay for the season in advance, we discount you an amount that covers our costs for preparing individual invoices and processing each payment. This can amount to a significant saving, Maybe even enough to buy a loved one a holiday gift. However the offer is good only through the expiration date printed on the contract.

You’ll still receive a document in a plastic bag, hung on your front door knob, after each application. It tells you what services we performed that day but there will be no “amount due.” And you won’t have to write a check after each service call.

If you’d like to place the care of your valuable trees, shrubs and lawn in the hands of our trained professionals, there is still time to sign up for a Plant Health Care and/or lawn care program in 2020 and enjoy the early bird discount. One of our tree and landscape consultants will be happy to visit you, check the size of your yard and the plant material that you have. We will then make recommendations for an all inclusive program to meet your needs and the needs of your plants.

After that, there’s nothing left for you to do, except enjoy your carefree landscape. Our professionals arrive at the proper time and perform the services for that visit. You don’t even have to be home. What a great holiday gift for your landscape.

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