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Holiday Gift Ideas

With the holidays right around the corner, many of us are racking our brains for gift ideas. For some reason, people who spend a lot of time working in their yards in the summer get dubbed as the person who has everything. Just because they like to garden, operate power equipment and get their hands dirty doesn’t mean they have everything. There are plenty of thoughtful gifts you can give them.

The two biggest things you have to consider are what the gift recipient likes to do in the yard and how much you want to spend. What you get depends on the extent of their involvement in the care of their yard. Are they satisfied doing the basic lawn mowing and weeding? Or are they full fledged gardeners?

For the basic yard maintenance person, may I suggest a Birchcrest Tree & Landscape gift certificate? This can be applied to any of our services, which can range from a Plant Health Care or lawn care contract to a complete landscape design and installation.

If your Saturday lawn mowing friend lets the sun beat on their head or just wears a baseball cap, you might present them with a wide brimmed hat to cover such vulnerable areas as their ears and neck. Or maybe one of those fancy water bottles for them to keep hydrated.

For the avid gardener, the choices are endless. They include hats, gloves, tools, decorative plant containers, or a Birchcrest gift certificate so we can do the maintenance work and they can do the fun stuff. If your gardener friend is also an indoor gardener who enjoys house plants, you might consider a beautiful house plant. Not a seasonal plant like poinsettia but one that will provide pleasure all year long.

Other gift ideas may include a gardening book or magazine subscription. These are gifts you can buy online without even leaving home, and the recipient can begin using your gift right away, without having to wait for spring.

I hope we’ve given you some good ideas for gifts that the gardener would like. Now, instead of trying to decide what to get your outdoor person, you’ll have to decide which of the many possible gifts would be most appreciated. Who knows; when you begin searching garden supply websites, you may find something that you can’t live without, either.

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