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Have A Wonderful Holiday Season

Nothing can warm a cold winter day more than enjoying a festive holiday celebration with family and friends. This year, two major winter holidays are celebrated at the same time. Hanukah begins Monday (December 23) and Christmas is celebrated next Wednesday (December 25). The celebration of both holidays includes light to brighten the darkness of long winter nights. Winter begins this Saturday (December 21).

It is the holiday wish of the 130 member Birchcrest Tree & Landscape family that light will add to your holiday cheer, regardless of whether the light is twinkling on a tree or glowing on a menorah.

The following Wednesday (January 1), the holiday seasons all culminate in a common crescendo as we usher in the year 2020. That number reminds me of perfect vision. I hope that perfect vision prevails as we make decisions that affect the health and welfare of those we love and for whom we are responsible. Happy New Year!

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