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Have Some Fun with Landscape Planning for Spring

As we approach the halfway point of winter and encounter some warmer-than-usual weather, you might start thinking about getting back out in the yard. But I warn you, the ground is most likely still a bit too soft to walk on, much less work on, not to mention that the return of snow is inevitable, which suggests holding off for a little longer. However, now might be a good time to take inventory. By this, I mean taking a look around your landscape to see if it’s still “doing it” for you. Do you feel the same excitement you did when you first saw it? If not, a good use of this time and your desire to work in the yard is to start putting a plan together for when spring finally arrives for good.

If you’re looking for a source of ideas, we have a great one for you — in fact, it looks like it has you in mind: “Passport to Spring,” this year’s GardenScape, right around the corner from March 12–15 at the Dome Center in Rochester (check it out at https://rochesterflowershow.com/). Several hundred exhibitors will present new products, creative treatments, expert advice, seminars and much more at this event. It’s a great opportunity to find ways to express yourself through your landscape.

Even though your plants are not in bloom yet, you can still assess other aspects of your landscape to determine if it is time to update. For instance, is the edging around the beds cracked, broken or faded? What condition are the walkways and patio in? Is the deck rotting or are screws popping up, and is it still large enough to accommodate the entertaining you do? Do you have enough lighting around your yard to navigate your property safely and illuminate the features you like most about your home and landscaping? Are there any gaps or overgrown areas?

Beyond these aspects, now is a great time to start thinking about new plants to add to your landscape. This might be the year that you bring in new colors and arrangements that enhance your property — and raise your spirits!

If you have questions about what to consider doing for your landscape as spring approaches, let’s talk. Many homeowners around the Rochester area work with our design team to bring a fresh perspective to their gardens and overall landscaping. If you’re ready to “spring into spring,” we recommend contacting us to ask an arborist to inspect your landscape and make suggestions for ways to brighten it up. Our arborists can also let you know which GardenScape ideas will work in your landscape

One comment on “Have Some Fun with Landscape Planning for Spring

  1. Too late for us. Spring starts earlier here, even though this spring was a bit bland. (It sure got warm and dry early, but the bloom suggests that there was not much chill earlier.) There was not much planting this year, but what there was got done before winter ran out. Some items that needed to be removed from landscapes, but did not have other landscapes to go into yet, got canned until they get rehomed after spring.

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