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Memorial Day Official Start Of Growing Season

Any experienced farmer or gardener in western or central New York knows that Memorial Day is the time to plant. I’m sure that’s why the folks in Waterloo, who began the tradition that turned into the holiday, picked the end of May to put flowers on the graves of Civil War veterans.

We can plant early some years and get away with it but I hope you didn’t try it this year. The last hard frost was less than a week ago. Meteorologists are assuring us that those were the last of the season, so planting on Memorial Day this Monday should pose no problem.

This Memorial Day will be like no other. Most of the parades and other public ceremonies have been canceled. So a day of beautifying your yard would be an appropriate family activity before topping the three day weekend off with a cook-out.

Garden stores are among the businesses that are now open so you can shop for plants. Just remember to wear a mask and practice social distancing. If you still aren’t ready to go to stores yet, check with your favorite garden centers to see if you can order by phone or online for curbside pick-up.

You can get a lot planted in the three day weekend if you work together, even while observing social distancing. One person can plant flowers while another plants veggies. You can do this in the same bed and still maintain the proper social distance.

Mark out your bed on paper before you go to the garden center. You’ll then know how many of each plant to buy and exactly where they’ll go in the garden. Make one planter responsible for flowers and the other for veggies. Each starts at opposite ends and works toward the center. As you close the gap at the center, one of you can take a water break until the other is finished. Then switch and finish the bed.

I mention mixing flowers and edibles in the same bed because it’s a new movement. As long as we’re all doing things differently these days, why not give it a try? And what are the kids doing while you are planting beds? Buy extra plants and they can plant them in containers. Maybe you could hold a friendly competition to see who can design and plant the most creative container garden.

All in all, that sounds like a great way to spend quality family time in this year of challenges and restrictions. As for the results – the holiday was originally called Decoration Day. This year you can use the occasion to decorate your yard.

One comment on “Memorial Day Official Start Of Growing Season

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