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Birchcrest Is Open And Providing All Services

As the 2020 landscaping/gardening season gets into full swing, I want to remind you that Birchcrest had been deemed an essential business throughout this pandemic and remains open for business. All services are being performed and our service personnel are in full compliance with CDC guidelines as well as state and local regulations.

Because our maintenance departments were deemed essential, the tree, Plant Health Care (PHC) and lawn care departments never closed. Our designers continued to work at home and now our landscape construction department is back to work.

All of our employees are wearing masks and practicing social distancing when they are with other people. Wearing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is second nature to our maintenance staff. Our tree and PHC professionals wear special PPE to protect them when working in trees or applying material to protect plants.

If you’re planning a “staycation” this year, you may want to update your landscape with a new or expanded patio, deck and fresh plantings. Our landscape designers can meet with you, in person, or meet with you virtually for input, and to present their designs before we begin construction.

We’re all staying home more these days, and staying home is more pleasant in a new, fresh environment.

One comment on “Birchcrest Is Open And Providing All Services

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