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Start Planning Your 2021 Landscape Updates

Hopefully, you’ve stopped to enjoy your landscape on these hot summer days. Now is a good time to begin looking ahead to next season. As you’re relaxing, hopefully, you’re in the right frame of mind to contemplate landscape updates.

There are only two lightweight tools required for the task. One is a camera and the other is a notebook (either paper or electronic). If you keep a garden journal, this is the ideal place for these notes.

I suggest that you take photos and make notes now because your landscape may look the best it is going to all season. Many plants are still in bloom. All are still foliated. You’ll be able to see any deficiencies that have to be corrected. Store the photos in a safe place where you can find them this winter if you’re planning a 2021 project.

There’s also still time to do landscaping this season. If that’s your plan, pour another cool drink, sit on your deck or patio and let the sun generate ideas just like it generates food in plant leaves.

Thinking about 2021 projects while they’re still fresh in your mind and you’re sitting in the middle of your landscape allows you to make notes as ideas come to you. If you need more photos, you’re right there where you can take them.

If the ideas are slow coming or they don’t satisfy you, consider professional design assistance. We have a group of creative landscape designers who can bring your thoughts and dreams to life on paper. And when you and our designer create the design you love, we have landscape professionals who can create the design in your yard.

Having photos of the current landscape “in season” and notes on what you want the space to look like will allow our designers to better understand what changes are required. So often, they get their first look at the space in winter when it’s under a blanket of snow.

Whether you finalize your landscape plan now or during the winter, this will allow us to get your project on the schedule for early next spring so that installation and construction is finished as early as possible allowing you a full “season” of enjoyment.

One comment on “Start Planning Your 2021 Landscape Updates

  1. HI Dave, I missed the boat on planning my landscape design for 2021, but I’m trying to start early for next year, that’s why I was googling ideas. I’m not sure I’m ready to jump right into hiring a professional yet, but I appreciate the article. Thanks!

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