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This Winter, Prepare Your Spring Landscape Tools & Tasks

Winter can be the doldrums for the person who likes to work outside maintaining their landscape. But it doesn’t have to be. You can work inside during the worst blizzard preparing for spring.

Starting to prepare for spring in the winter means you don’t have to hurry. You can spread the job out over several months, rather than rushing it in the spring because the grass is already growing around your ankles.

Begin by planning out the tasks that need your attention this spring. Then you will know what you need to get ready this winter. Here are some ideas:

• Are all your tools in good working order? Check your power tools to be sure the oil is changed, blades sharpened and power tools have new spark plugs. Are your hand tools old and heavy? This would be a good time to replace them with new, lightweight tools.

• Do your plans include any hardscape items like window boxes? You can buy the materials now and build window boxes in the basement. If your plans include larger hardscape material, you may be able to prefabricate parts and then assemble them outdoors in the spring.

• Does your landscape include a vegetable garden? You can save money and have some off- season gardening enjoyment by starting your early season crops from seed. You can buy seeds and starter kits at garden centers.

• If your plans include a major renovation, the winter would be the ideal time to begin drawing sketches, checking local nurseries or those on the the internet to get plant ideas. Better yet, meet with one of our professional landscape designers. Share your sketches, ideas and vision with them and then turn them loose to translate your thoughts into a design. During the winter our designers can work closely with you to have a design finished and approved before spring arrives. Then our installation professionals can source all the material and be ready to go to work as soon as the robins return in spring.

With our short growing seasons, it doesn’t make sense to start all these tasks when you see the first crocus. The season will be half over before you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Waiting to do your planning will put construction into the hottest period of the year when you should be lounging in the shade and letting nature take its course.

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