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Kill Lawn Weeds Before They Appear

Few things are more frustrating than having a lawn full of weeds before the grass is high enough to mow. That doesn’t have to be. You can apply pre-emergent weed killer now, while the weed seeds are still dormant. You may be familiar with pre-emergent crabgrass killer. Applying this pre-emergent is really the only way […]

Cut Back Ornamental Grass

Spring is here. Your ornamental grass has done its thing. It provided texture and color poking above the snow. Now it’s time to press the refresh button…figuratively of course. The ornamental grass that graces your yard today is dead, thus the yellow or tan color. In order to repeat the show next winter, the dead […]

Why Your Spring Bulbs Haven’t Bloomed

Your spring bulbs – crocuses, daffodils, tulips and hyacinths – are starting to bloom. If yours haven’t appeared yet, it may be for one of the reasons listed below. If your bulbs have bloomed in previous years but not this year, here are some causes: • Did you cut them back to the ground after […]

Be Aware – The 17 Year Cicadas Are Coming

This year, 2021, a natural phenomenon will occur that you can either marvel at or be scared of. It’s the return of the 17-year cicadas. This insect is commonly known as the 17- year locust but they aren’t even related to the locust. It’s thought that they received that misnomer because they were associated with […]

Dormant Oil Kills Many Pests As They Sleep

Petroleum jelly is good for treating burns and other human injuries. It’s also good for treating trees and shrubs for insect pests while they sleep. In the case of trees and shrubs, I’m referring to dormant oil spray. Dormant oil spray is particularly effective against aphids, mites and scale. This material is highly refined oil […]