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Kill Lawn Weeds Before They Appear

Few things are more frustrating than having a lawn full of weeds before the grass is high enough to mow. That doesn’t have to be. You can apply pre-emergent weed killer now, while the weed seeds are still dormant.

You may be familiar with pre-emergent crabgrass killer. Applying this pre-emergent is really the only way to control the highly invasive crabgrass. There is no effective post-emergent product for crabgrass. For broad leaf weeds like dandelions, both pre and post emergent products are available. So, it’s easy to spread both crabgrass and broadleaf pre-emergents at the same time.

Like annual flowers, weeds drop seeds to the ground before frosts and freezes kill off the plants. I believe Charles Darwin referred to that as survival of the fittest. And when it comes to strength, weeds are stronger than grass, or any desirable plant, it seems.

Applying pre-emergent will prevent the seeds overwintering in the soil from germinating but it’s not one and done. Once untreated seeds from the neighbors’ yard or the side of the road begin blowing some are sure to take up residence in your lawn.

One way to reduce the opportunity for weeds to set down stakes in your lawn is to be sure it’s nice and thick. If your lawn has thin spots, or you can see soil through the turf, overseed it with a good, hardy seed mix. Weeds are adventitious plants. They’ll germinate in a spot where they have the least competition from other plants. Thick turf discourages weeds from trying to compete.

To overseed, rough up the soil with an iron rake. If you typically fertilize your lawn, spread fertilizer and then seed. Go over the overseeded areas with your rake, again to be sure the seed and fertilizer are worked into the soil. Then be sure it receives at least an inch of water a week, either from rain or irrigation. While doing the overseeding, pull any weeds that you come across before they get a foothold.

If you’re a Birchcrest lawn care customer, you’ll receive pre-emergent crabgrass and broad leaf weed treatments. We also offer this service on an ala carte basis. Our lawn care professionals would be happy to help you achieve a weed-free lawn.

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