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Make Memorial Day A Weekend To Remember

Memorial Day is the unofficial start to the gardening season in New York’s Rochester and Finger Lakes region. That day was selected for both edible and ornamental gardens and landscapes because we can be pretty sure there won’t be any more frosts or freezes this spring. With Covid still on people’s minds, this three-day holiday […]

Light Your Landscape For Safety & Evening Enjoyment

You have a substantial investment in your landscape. It shouldn’t be abandoned every night when the sun disappears over the horizon. But that’s exactly what happens to many landscapes. You can change all that with garden lighting. The mission of garden, or landscape, lighting should be twofold – for safety and enjoyment. Nothing beats a […]

Making Your Landscape Low Maintenance Without It Looking That Way

Low maintenance landscapes don’t have to look unkempt. The amount of care your landscape requires depends on both the design and the particular plants you select. Keep in mind, though, there’s no such thing as a maintenance-free landscape. Here are some ways in which you can substantially reduce the time it takes to make, and […]

Spring Cleanup – Preparing For The Growing Season

The growing season is almost upon us. It officially begins on Memorial Day, which is just over a month away. Many people are outside working on their landscapes much earlier. Now is a good time to begin planting trees and shrubs, but I recommend waiting until Memorial Day to plant temperature sensitive plants. We could […]