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Attracting Wildlife….Or Not

Wildlife, birds and pollinators should all be considered when planning a new landscape or changes to your present landscape. Do you want to attract wildlife? Would you prefer that the furry creatures not visit but birds are welcome? Surely you want pollinators, unless you or someone in your family is allergic to bees.  The wild […]

Water Wise Plantings

Water isn’t scarce here. We have the Finger Lakes to the south and Lake Ontario to the north. But that’s no reason to waste water. After all, most of us have to pay for each gallon we use. Luckily, we seldom have to irrigate our established landscapes. New plants do need supplemental water if they […]

Gypsy Moths Destroying Trees & Harassing People

The gypsy moths are back in greater numbers than last year. It’s only the beginning of June and all of the tan egg cases haven’t even hatched.  Yet, we’re seeing all kinds of destruction. There are so many gypsy moth caterpillars that they’re eating any tree they can find. Although their preferred diet is oaks and […]