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Check Your Lawn For Grubs

It’s already that time of year when I remind you to check your lawn for grubs. These pests have been destroying lawns for decades. We can’t eliminate them but we can manage them with a little diligent observation. During June and the first couple weeks in July, grubs in their adult stage have been flying […]

Boundary Trees May Not Make Good Neighbors

Poet Robert Frost’s statement about fences making good neighbors may not apply to trees planted on a boundary line. Boundary trees have been sources of contention between neighbors for centuries, and it has led to laws that govern who owns boundary line trees and who’s responsible for their care. A book, entitled Arboriculture and the […]

Take Stock – Where Do You Need Color?

The best time to know where you need more plants in your landscape is when the plants you have are in bloom, or recently bloomed. That time is now. So take photos and make notes so you’ll know exactly where you need more plants and what types of plants you need. Or better yet, try […]