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Plant Cover Crop To Protect Bare Soil

Leaving bare soil in your landscape is not a good idea. Bare soil is subject to erosion from water run-off, it can starve beneficial organisms in the soil, and it creates a perfect spot for weeds to germinate. There’s still time for you to plant cover crops to protect those bare spots. Hopefully, you’ve mulched […]

The Science Of Fall Color

We all marvel at the fall colors in our region. That’s because we’ve been blessed with the right climatic conditions. However, there are a lot of explanations for this phenomenon, many of them wrong. Back in 2012, the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) posted a release on its website explaining the science of autumn […]

Aerate Your Lawn This Fall

Aeration is one of the kindest things you can do for your lawn before putting it to bed for the winter, especially if you have the heavy clay soil that predominates our area. Fall is a good time to aerate your lawn, and I recommend that you do it before you do any overseeding. Plant […]

Bring Houseplants Back Indoors

As we get deeper into autumn, the nights are getting cooler, while the days continue to be warm. This is ideal weather for planting trees and shrubs but will soon be too cold for those tender houseplants that have been vacationing on your deck or patio all summer. The first step for your houseplant migration […]