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Give You & Your Landscape A Holiday Gift That Lasts

It’s that time of year again. Plant Health Care and Lawn Care renewal time. Contracts for 2022 are in the mail to current customers. I urge you to read them and respond as soon as they arrive. If your valuable landscape isn’t currently protected by this service, one of our consultants would be happy to inventory your property and make a proposal.

The renewal contract has an incentive to return it early. Returning it with payment for the full year before the date on the contract can save you a significant amount of money. The saving is often more than that money will earn in a bank account.

Why do we offer this incentive? Because it results in savings for us allowing us to share those savings with you. For example, knowing how many customers need each product allows us to more accurately determine how much to buy and get our orders in early. That’s especially important in this time of supply chain difficulties. It also reduces accounting costs for you and for us. You don’t have to write and mail a check after each visit, and we don’t have to process it. Offering this discount is our way of saying Thank You.

You’ll still receive a form in a plastic bag hung on your front door. The form will contain information on the services performed and the care you need to take to assure that any treatments will be effective. The payment section will include the cost for that visit but the balance due will be zero.

When you trust the health of your valuable lawn and landscape plants to us, you can be sure that the work will be done by one of the 12 New York State Certified Pesticide Applicators on our staff. To obtain this mandatory state license, a person is required to successfully complete a rigorous examination. To maintain their license, they have to take continuing education throughout the year. The chances are good that the professional visiting your home will also be one of the nine people who have earned the voluntary Certified Nursery & Landscape Professional and/or one of the nine who have earned the voluntary Certified Arborist credential.

Thank you for your continued confidence in our lawn and Plant Health Care professionals. We look forward to providing the same great service in 2022.

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