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A New Idea For Spring – An Ornaveggie Garden

Wondering what an ornaveggie garden is? It’s a single garden with both ornamentals and vegetables planted in it. Who said you have to plant only ornamental plants in beautifully designed and tended flower beds that are closest to the house? And that your vegetable garden had to be relegated to a plain rectangular plot in […]

Add “Rooms” To Your Backyard

We Americans do most of our outdoor living in our backyards. Yet most backyards aren’t divided into specialized activity areas like the indoor space is. Until now, that is. People are now starting to dedicate sections of their backyards to specific activities. Entertaining has been the one activity with dedicated space. We usually find the […]

Consider Curb Appeal First

Most families live in their back yards so that’s where they concentrate their landscape efforts. Consequently, the front yard often consists of a rather boring mix of lawn and foundation plantings. That could be changing, according to the 2022 Garden Trends Report by the Green Media Group. The report notes that there’s renewed interest in […]

How To Make Your Landscape Trendy In 2022

As the holidays come to a close for 2021, it’s time to look forward to Spring 2022, and one place you can spice up your life is to make your landscape more trendy. One good resource for finding out what looks as though it’s trending this spring is the annual Garden Trends Report (GTR), published […]