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Some Early Spring Landscape Chores

Is your green thumb itching? Are you having a tough time resisting the urge to get outside and start working on your landscape? Well, it’s too early for most landscaping tasks but there are a few you can do now. As long as the ground’s thawed, you might start by dividing overgrown perennials, if you […]

How To Join The Lawnless Legions

Are you one of those people who does their best thinking when riding around on your lawnmower every week of the growing season? If so, you’re in the minority. Most people spend that time trying to think of ways to get out of that weekly chore. Few of us would argue with the statement that […]

Let Trees & Shrubs Grow On Their Own

It’s a fact: We can love our plants to death. I’m not talking about the common practice of overwatering house plants. I’m talking about practices involving outdoor plants – trees in particular. Most trees, even when newly planted, don’t need to be staked, unless they’re in the path of strong winds. Even then, the stakes […]

Prune Plants That Flower On New Wood

We always remind you to refrain from pruning trees and shrubs that flower in spring. Most of them flower on old wood, which means this spring’s buds were set last fall. You’ll probably remove those buds if you prune now. But what about trees and shrubs that bloom on new wood? The ever popular hydrangeas […]

Your Ornamental Grass Needs Its Spring Trim

As March dawns, winter begins to loosen its grip as spring pushes its way in. For many, the tan or gray of ornamental grasses poking their seedheads above the snow was the only thing breaking up the endless expanses of white in our landscapes. Those seedheads have done their job; now it’s time for the […]