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How To Save Money Now On Next Spring’s Annuals

Summer’s not even over and I’m offering you advice for saving money next spring. It’s really quite simple. Just take cuttings from this year’s annuals and propagate them yourself. It’s really easy to do, and you might find that you’ve begun a most enjoyable gardening hobby. Begin by deadheading your annuals. That’s the practice of […]

Mid-Summer Spruce-Up For Your Yard

Can you believe this is nearly the middle of summer? That means that all the spring landscape work’s done and it’s too early to begin fall work. Does that mean you’re getting bored just sitting on the deck or patio enjoying the results of your labor? Here are some maintenance tasks you can still do […]

Visit Other Gardens For Inspiration

Going to see parks and other public and private gardens is one of the best ways to get ideas for improvements to your own landscape. It’s also a way to have fun during these hot summer weekends when there’s not much to do in your own landscape. Here in the Rochester area there are plenty […]

Trees Are The Bones Of Your Landscape

Trees form the skeleton of any landscape. Their size and stature are what define your landscape. When designing a landscape, the trees are selected and put in place first. The selection and placement of the other plants are governed by the mature size, aesthetics and placement of these trees. As a result, the loss of […]