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Protect Your Valuable Ash Trees

You can protect your valuable ash trees. Sure, the emerald ash borer (EAB) is an insidious scourge among these beautiful shade trees, and some owners have given up and just written them off.  However, you don’t have to! Ash is a tree that has graced many a city and suburban street. Ash has been the […]

Get Ready To Greet A Green Lawn

As spring makes its return, your lawn should be greening up as your other plants begin to flower and leaf out. Assuring that your lawn greens-up and stays green may require more resources than the rest of your landscape combined. Everyone…and everything…loves a lush green lawn. That includes weeds, insects, moles and even fungi. Keeping […]

Watch Nature Wake Up Your Plants This Spring

You don’t have to wait any later to begin enjoying your landscape.  Watching nature wake up from its long winter nap can be a brand new experience for the whole family, and not one anyone will soon forget.  Signs are all over your yard as your plants begin to break their winter dormancy. Often, however, […]

Time To Schedule Dormant Oil Spray

Dormant oil spray is one of the most effective insect control materials, and best of all, its environmental impact is low. It’s just highly refined, very dilute petroleum jelly. If that sounds like a medication you put on burns and other injuries, that’s because it is. Dormant oil is one formulation in a class of […]

Inspect Your Trees Before Leaves Hide Hazards

We still have plenty of winter left and using sunny, relatively warm days to walk your property and inspect your trees can be very therapeutic for any cabin fever. It could also save your valuable trees from an untimely death. Trees respond to environmental stimuli so the frequent weather changes we experience in our corner […]