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It’s Time To Check For Lawn Grubs

The sound of June bugs colliding with your windows has probably faded now but they’re on the verge of causing real trouble in your yard. These big beetles were no match for the windows that got in their way, but their kids could destroy your lawn. Those pesky beetles we call June bugs are adult […]

Here’s How To Let Your Lawn Breathe

Like all plants, the turfgrass that comprises your lawn needs to breathe. However, soil can compact during any summer, but especially when it’s hot and dry. When this happens, the space between soil particles, called pores, shrinks. The result is less room for the oxygen and water plant roots need. Grass plants are very demanding, […]

Will The Dog Days Of Summer Bite Your Landscape?

July and August are called the dog days of summer for a reason. Many people like to lie down and sleep on a hot afternoon, just like their dog does. If you and your dog just want to be left alone, what makes you think your landscape plants want to be pampered on hot days? […]

Hold The Fertilizer In Summer

On hot summer days, you may not feel like eating, especially not a heavy meal. But you should still drink plenty of water. You won’t starve but you will dehydrate rather rapidly, and dehydration can cause any number of health problems. This same scenario can be applied, loosely, to your trees and shrubs. That stressed […]