Dave Dailey is the owner and President of Birchcrest Tree and Landscape, Inc. He has been involved in the tree and landscape profession for over thirty years and is a Board Certified Master Arborist, the highest level of certification offered by the International Society of Arboriculture

Dave has an extensive educational background with Bachelor of Science Degrees from both Syracuse University and the College of Environmental Science and Forestry as well as advanced arboriculture studies at Cornell University.

Dave Dailey is the Immediate Past President of the New York State Nursery and Landscape Association and has been recognized as New York State’s 2009 Distinguished Arborist.

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  1. Hi, I am looking for someone to “regrade” my soil around the house as I have basement issues and I will also be taking out a large Japanesse Maple that was planted too close to the house, so I may need the walkway redone. As some others have not gotten to me yet I am searching for a new advice and price on what needs to be done. I cannot start the basement work till the outside is done and I have been waiting on that for 2 months. If interested in giving me a quote, please call or e-mail me asap. Thak you, Molly Fien 381-6301

  2. Mr. Dailey I was wondering before a certain news paper puts it out there that Local 1249 is looking for more tree men. Would you entertain the idea of letting your line clearance people vote on going Union

  3. Tree butcher, hope you are happy with the money RGE is paying you. If a tree adds 15% to the value of a house, what happens when you remove 15 for RGE?
    no reply to other notes sent over……

    • Just watch these guys trim trees for RGE in the Greece NY, area. Can’t believe they climbed with spikes only to trim cut back limbs from power lines. NOT very professional. Gaffs damage the tree’s vascular system under the bark, It is also possible for infected climbing spikes to transfer some disease organisms from diseased trees to healthy trees. In addition to health concerns for the trees, the holes that climbing spikes leave are just plain unsightly and can diminish the dollar value of your trees! National Arborist Association.

      • John George, The reasons you cite for not wearing spikes when pruning ornamental trees are right on. However, climbers are encouraged to wear them when doing utility pruning. Utility pruning is, arguably, the most dangerous job in all of arboriculture, and spikes reduce the chance of a climber slipping and falling into the wires. A tall tree under or beside a power line is the classic example of the wrong plant in the wrong place.

  4. You can have union members but the Union is close behind keep watch!

  5. They are an overpaid contractor for RGE. Sloppy work, Smokers, and destroy property. Look out when you see them coming. Val is no help at all. Dave does not have an email. He hides behind Val.

  6. Mr. Dailey, My Name is Maureen VanLare. Your company was hired by RGE to do work in my Mothers neighborhood, My mom lives at 40 Lyncourt Park., Your employees were cutting back the trees / branches at 50 Lyncourt Park. 50 Lyncourt Park had no cars in their driveway and your trucks were parked in front of this driveway. My mom has several pictures of your workers dragging all these branches ALL OVER HER FRONT LAWN, nothing on the other yard. My mom being a senior, yelled out her window your stepping all over her new grass which I have spent so much money on in the past 3 years $$$$. your workers just yelled back at her that they are insured. What is that got to do with you stomping all over my lawn. Now I am spending more money and my time over seeding what was damaged but the top part of the lawn still looks stomped on.
    I have called your company, my mom has called, you and RGE. Not sure if your company came back and put dirt and seed down, But you repaired the wrong lawn. I wanted to speak to whoever was in charged that day of service, but no one has called back. This year I had to hire someone to repair the damage to the lawn from the emergency vehicles that parked there from the huge fire on that street last year.
    with the drought we had this year the work didn’t get done til late August, so my new seedling have only just started to grow, then Your employees just walked all over it giving my mom more stress she doesn’t need. They also let mess in the her neighbors yard, left large tree pieces and left branches on her wires. I do know that the wire from the pole to her home is her responsibility but they cut branches of all the way, they could have cut 2 more to get them off her wires. The paperwork that was mailed to the neighbors stated that your workers were going to clean up.. I just feel that you or someone should see the pictures, and do you really want your employees to just say that you are insured is this really the way they are going to work. I guess I could be just thankful that no damage to my mothers home.

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