Tree Care

Let Trees & Shrubs Grow On Their Own

It’s a fact: We can love our plants to death. I’m not talking about the common practice of overwatering house plants. I’m talking about practices involving outdoor plants – trees in particular. Most trees, even when newly planted, don’t need to be staked, unless they’re in the path of strong winds. Even then, the stakes […]

Prune Plants That Flower On New Wood

We always remind you to refrain from pruning trees and shrubs that flower in spring. Most of them flower on old wood, which means this spring’s buds were set last fall. You’ll probably remove those buds if you prune now. But what about trees and shrubs that bloom on new wood? The ever popular hydrangeas […]

Your Ornamental Grass Needs Its Spring Trim

As March dawns, winter begins to loosen its grip as spring pushes its way in. For many, the tan or gray of ornamental grasses poking their seedheads above the snow was the only thing breaking up the endless expanses of white in our landscapes. Those seedheads have done their job; now it’s time for the […]

Beneficial Sprays That Need To Be Applied In Winter

Winter isn’t usually thought of as a time to spray your plants. As spring approaches, though, two come to mind – anti desiccant and dormant oil. When we enjoy enough warm winter days, your evergreens may need an anti desiccant touch-up. When the temperature rises up into the 50s, the sun can melt anti desiccant. […]

Winter Weeding

The term winter weeding might appear, at first blush, to be an oxymoron. Why would one have to weed in the winter? Because weeds are adventitious plants. They take advantage of any opportunity. Weeds, particularly dandelions, begin growing long before grass or desirable flowers. Before dying off last fall, weeds dropped seeds, which lay dormant […]

Get Ahead Of The Crowd With Your Tool Maintenance

If you’re looking for something to do on these wintery weekends, may I suggest getting your tools ready for the landscape and gardening season. This segment of the economy has not been spared from the supply chain issues that have been plaguing us. A good way to start is to make a list of each […]

Include A Cutting Garden In Your Landscape Plans

In winter, you have to depend on your local florist for the cut flowers to add fragrance, color and beauty to your home. Those flowers were flown in from someplace warm and then transported by truck from a wholesaler to your retail florist. That’s hardly sustainable for the environment. When planning your landscape improvement projects […]

A New Idea For Spring – An Ornaveggie Garden

Wondering what an ornaveggie garden is? It’s a single garden with both ornamentals and vegetables planted in it. Who said you have to plant only ornamental plants in beautifully designed and tended flower beds that are closest to the house? And that your vegetable garden had to be relegated to a plain rectangular plot in […]

Add “Rooms” To Your Backyard

We Americans do most of our outdoor living in our backyards. Yet most backyards aren’t divided into specialized activity areas like the indoor space is. Until now, that is. People are now starting to dedicate sections of their backyards to specific activities. Entertaining has been the one activity with dedicated space. We usually find the […]

Consider Curb Appeal First

Most families live in their back yards so that’s where they concentrate their landscape efforts. Consequently, the front yard often consists of a rather boring mix of lawn and foundation plantings. That could be changing, according to the 2022 Garden Trends Report by the Green Media Group. The report notes that there’s renewed interest in […]