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Choosing Bedding Plants

Choosing bedding plants for your garden is like choosing paints for an artist’s palette. The one big difference, however, is that the plants are alive. Bedding plants can be annuals or perennials or a combination of the two. You might even include some small shrubs in your beds. In addition to selecting plants for their […]

Break Up The Snow With Winter Color

That title may seem impossible when you look out the window at a sea of white after a fresh snowfall. With a little planning, you can easily and inexpensively add some color to you landscape. Not a big splash of bright color like spring, mind you, but enough muted tones to break up the single […]

How & Why Leaves Turn Color In Fall

  Mother Nature thinks of everything, doesn’t she? She even gives us a spectacular show of color as she prepares deciduous trees to withstand the winter wind, snow and ice. As you rake your leaves, do you ever wonder why leaves turn color and drop? Many people do because they ask me why green leaves […]