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Small Space? Consider A Keyhole Garden

Regardless of the size of your yard, you can enjoy a landscape. One of the ways in which small gardeners can do this is with a keyhole garden. A keystone garden is a raised bed, drought-tolerant, sustainable garden. The plant material choices are whatever you want. In it, you can plant annuals or perennials, veggies […]

Are You Composting Yet?

What do you do with your food scraps? Adding your vegetable scraps to the compost heap has a number of benefits. For the environment, it reduces the waste stream going into landfills. For your compost pile, vegetative food scraps are often nutrient-rich and high in organic matter, and a good supplement to the dead leaves […]

Why Leaves Need Raking (Or Blowing)

Have you ever wondered how forests can sustain themselves without human interference? You must have because many people ask me that question all the time. The answer is quite simple. Or is it? The forest is a natural ecosystem. All the plants are what gardeners call “volunteers.”  People didn’t plant them. The seeds may have dropped from […]