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Spring Is Issuing A Wake Up Call

The Ides of March signal the first awakening of spring. Other signs are all over your yard as your plants begin to wake up from their winter dormancy. Often, however, you have to look carefully to see them because they wake up with a whispering yawn rather than a great big shout. Right now, you […]

What To Do With Your Green Thumb In Winter

About now, gardeners’ green thumbs begin to twitch from inactivity. That need not be the case. There are plenty of things gardeners can do in the winter. The first winter gardening activity that I suggest is planning for this spring. Depending on what you are thinking about for spring, 2012, you can sketch out plans […]

Winter Is For Pruning

Many people express concern to me when they see our arborists working in the dead of winter. I’m really not the reincarnation of Simon Legree. Arborists love trees, and they brave the elements because winter is actually a good time to prune most non-flowering, deciduous trees. Deciduous trees are those that lose their leaves in […]