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Is There A Hazard Lurking Overhead?

Trees form our landscape’s canopy. Their lush, green foliage relaxes us and keeps us cool in the summer. As winter approaches, deciduous trees lose their leaves and gird themselves for whatever Old Man Winter brings. Your trees may look perfectly healthy to your untrained eye. However, dangerous conditions could be lurking just below the bark, […]

What Will Winter Bring To Your Landscape?

Everything I’ve read or heard indicates that we’ll have a mild winter, thanks to El Nino. My humble prediction is that we won’t experience as much dieback as we did last winter. If we have a lot of freeze and thaw cycles, however, we may see more fungal lawn diseases. What should you do to […]

Plant Health Care Is Good For The Environment As Well As Your Landscape

These days, human health practitioners are advocating wellness care, which is also called preventive care or holistic medicine. It’s a fact that early diagnosis and treatment can often result in less aggressive treatment and a more positive prognosis. The same is true for your landscape plants. For this reason, arborists and landscape contractors have embraced […]

Have A Health Plan For Your Landscape

It can be easy to forget that our landscapes are made up of living organisms. Unlike children and pets that jump and run, plants remain firmly rooted. Yet, when they flower and grow to the point that they need pruning, that should remind us that plants have health needs, just like family members in the […]

Organics vs Chemicals

Organic is one of today’s horticultural buzzwords, while chemical has been relegated to the status of a four-letter word. In horticulture, the word organic is open to wide interpretations, leading to confusion among well meaning people who just want to do what is right for the environment. First, let me define organic. More accurately, let […]

Your Trees Need Regular, Professional Inspections

A recent weekend of high winds, capped off by a horrific tree-related fatal accident, brought into focus the vulnerability of trees. They may appear solid and healthy, but it is difficult for the untrained eye to know what is going on inside a giant tree. That’s why trees should be inspected by a certified arborist […]

Check Your Lawn For Winter Damage

Now that spring has finally arrived and our lawns are starting to green up, this would be a good time to take a walk around your lawn to see how it fared the winter. Your lawn has a number of winter enemies. Some are mechanical, some are chemical and some are diseases. The most obvious, if you had […]

There Are More Bugs Than EAB

The emerald ash borer’s aggressiveness has taken some of the heat off landscape pests that may appear more benign. However, these other pests are still around and need to be controlled. It is nearly impossible to completely eradicate an insect. However, they can be controlled. Aphids and scale never take a break from eating. That’s because they reproduce […]

Thousand Cankers Disease – Still Much Ado About Nothing

When tree or other plant damage is imminent, I will be the first to tell you about it. But, I won’t use scare tactics or try to sell you treatment for insects and diseases that might come some day. A disease called thousand cankers falls into that category. I have begun to hear rumors of […]