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Best Summer Cut For Your Lawn – Long or Short?

If you get your hair cut short during the summer to beat the heat, don’t assume your lawn wants to be cut short too. Lawns actually fare the heat of the summer better when they are mowed no shorter than 3-4 inches. To many, seeing it that long is a culture shock, but the lawn […]

Is Fall Coming Early?

Do you have tree leaves turning color and dropping already? It might seem as though autumn has arrived early. The calendar hasn’t jumped forward a couple of months, though. The early defoliation is due to the drought. In most cases, there is no remedy. Many trees will leaf out and come back to life in […]

Water, Water, Water!!!

That is about the only advice that I can give during this drought. Lawns are dormant, but trees and shrubs aren’t. As a result, I am seeing a significant amount of stress, wilt and even death even among mature trees. While watering mature trees will not help your next water bill, it is certainly less […]

Caring For Sunburned Lawns

At the height of the summer heat, your lawn suddenly turns brown, despite all the work that you put into maintaining it. Fear not; it isn’t dead. It is just dormant, riding out the hot spell. Nature has equipped turfgrass with the ability to go dormant when there is too much heat and too little […]

Don’t Let Your Plants Be Drought Victims

Drought conditions are almost upon us. Statistically, our rainfall is ahead of average for June by about an inch, but all of that came in the early part of the month. We have had less than a half-inch of rain in the last part of the month. As I look at customers’ and potential customers’ […]