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Mulching With Christmas Trees

We have received a number of inquiries asking whether chipped up Christmas trees can be used for mulch, and whether the chips can be spread now or whether they have to be aged. The answer to the first question is that they can be used now, as long as the tree was healthy. If you […]

Organics vs Chemicals

Organic is one of today’s horticultural buzzwords, while chemical has been relegated to the status of a four-letter word. In horticulture, the word organic is open to wide interpretations, leading to confusion among well meaning people who just want to do what is right for the environment. First, let me define organic. More accurately, let […]

Spring Fertilization – Why You Need It

This has been a rough winter, not only for us but for our landscape plants as well. Cold weather lingered almost into May. Late spring means that plants are late leafing out, and our lawns are just greening up. This means they have not really started making food. They are still living on the food they had stored […]