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Do You Know What You’re Going To Do With Your Landscape This Spring?

Winter is the time when most people decide to repaint or redecorate their homes. This isn’t a statistical fact, just an observation. It’s the season when we spend the most time in the house and the walls can begin to close in on us. The same phenomenon should occur outside in our landscapes. Since we are on […]

Is It Poinsetta or Poinsettia

Some say tomoto and some say tomato. Some say poinsetta and some say poinsettia. In both cases, either pronunciation is acceptable. This traditional holiday houseplant, a native of Mexico, is named for Joel Roberts Poinsett, the first United States Ambassador to Mexico (circa 1820). Poinsett was interested in botany, so he searched for new plant […]

Transplant Your Easter Lilies; Enjoy Them For Years

There is always a touch of sadness, or at least melancholy, when your beautiful, potted Easter lilies begin to wither and die. That doesn’t have to be the last of them, however. You can plant them outside to continue giving you joy year after year. As the flowers fade, cut them off and throw them […]