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Why Don’t Trees Freeze & Break?

The answer to the title question is that they often do freeze and break. Have you ever seen cracks running up and down the trunk of a tree? This is caused by the freezing and thawing of water in the outer portions of the trunk. In the tree care industry, these are referred to as […]

What Will Winter Bring To Your Landscape?

Everything I’ve read or heard indicates that we’ll have a mild winter, thanks to El Nino. My humble prediction is that we won’t experience as much dieback as we did last winter. If we have a lot of freeze and thaw cycles, however, we may see more fungal lawn diseases. What should you do to […]

Will Subzero Temps Kill The Emerald Ash Borer?

While we were experiencing subzero weather over the past few weeks, the question of whether these temperatures can kill the emerald ash borer has come up in conversation. It’s common knowledge within the green industry that many overwintering insects die off in such cold temperatures. But what about an insect like the EAB that lives […]