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Plan Your Planting Beds For Non-Stop Color

When discussing flower gardens, the term “seasonal color” is used often. Although some may interpret that to mean only spring or summer, it can also mean four- season color. Plants bloom in fall as well as spring and summer. However, you shouldn’t limit yourself to just one kind of plant. And in winter you need […]

Adaptive Gardening

We’re always on the lookout for new landscaping terms and just came across this one: Adaptive Gardening. We’ve been practicing it for years but the need for it has increased to the point that it needed a name, and there’s always somebody to oblige. Adaptive Gardening refers to modifications to make landscapes easier on senior […]

Refresh Your Flowering Plants

As you sit on your patio surveying your kingdom (see last week’s post), check out the annuals you planted in the spring. Are the flowers still colorful and plentiful? They should be if you’ve kept them watered and deadheaded. Those that don’t look so perky can still be changed out for new plants. You may […]

Landscaping Projects For The Waning Days Of Summer

Due to its late start, summer seems to be speeding by at breakneck speed. If the season is passing faster than you can get your summer projects done, fear not, there is still plenty of time. Just choose your projects carefully. Select projects that won’t be affected by the forthcoming winter. Plant only late season […]

When Hardy Plants Aren’t Hardy Here

They say that there’s an exception to every rule. That includes plant hardiness zones. All plants have their hardiness zones listed on the tags in the pot or hanging from the plant. This is supposed to tell you whether the plants will grow in our climate. In 2012, the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) […]

Time To Check For Grubs

As summer begins its transition into fall, a persistent pest is again taking up residence in many area lawns. Grubs. Just the mere mention of the name strikes an emotional cord. The emotion may be anger, frustration, disgust, but these white crescent-shaped insects have been a pain in our lawn for decades. Grubs go by […]

Turn To Nature, Not The Calendar For Planting Times

Gardeners and farmers used to depend on the calendar, almanacs and journals to schedule their planting. That’s not necessary today, thanks to research by dedicated horticulturists. One tradition that has lived on, however, is to keep a journal. Journals used to be important to gardeners and farmers. Important data were kept in them from previous […]