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What To Do With All That Plant Health Care Information

If you are one of our Plant Health Care and/or lawn care customers, you probably received a thick envelope full of all sorts of papers recently. This is your 2015 contract renewal packet. Some people have told us that this looks so intimidating that they just set it aside. If this includes you, please accept […]

Getting Your Trees Ready For Winter May Take More Than Just Raking Leaves

We all know that leaf raking is an annual fall ritual. Some might consider leaf raking all that’s necessary to prepare trees for winter. That’s probably not the case, however. When was the last time your trees had a hazard inspection? If it’s been a few years, this might be the year to have it […]

Your Trees Need Regular, Professional Inspections

A recent weekend of high winds, capped off by a horrific tree-related fatal accident, brought into focus the vulnerability of trees. They may appear solid and healthy, but it is difficult for the untrained eye to know what is going on inside a giant tree. That’s why trees should be inspected by a certified arborist […]