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Aerate Your Lawn This Fall

Aeration is one of the kindest things you can do for your lawn before putting it to bed for the winter, especially if you have the heavy clay soil that predominates our area. Fall is a good time to aerate your lawn, and I recommend that you do it before you do any overseeding. Plant […]

Time To Check For Lawn Grubs

A good offense is the best defense. That’s why I’m offering my annual reminder to check for lawn grubs. Even if your lawn is greening up beautifully after its summer dormancy, grubs may still be at work beneath the surface. Grubs are the larval stage of the European chafer or Japanese beetle. They are crescent […]

Still Time To Start A Lawn Care Program

Now that the sea of yellow has disappeared from your lawn, are you wishing you had contracted for professional lawn care? If so, you still can. Dandelions aren’t the only weeds that will live in your lawn this growing season. Remember, weeds are what we call “adventitious” plants. When they see an opening, they fill […]

Time To Check For Grubs

As summer begins its transition into fall, a persistent pest is again taking up residence in many area lawns. Grubs. Just the mere mention of the name strikes an emotional cord. The emotion may be anger, frustration, disgust, but these white crescent-shaped insects have been a pain in our lawn for decades. Grubs go by […]