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Mow High & Other Summer Lawn Tips

At what height is your lawnmower set? As the temperature rises, so should the height of your lawnmower. If it is set lower than 3 inches, raise it up to at least 3 inches; 3.5 or 4 is even better. Mowing high retains more leaf surface and results in less burning. The longer grass leaves […]

Getting Ready For Mowing Season

Soon neighborhoods will be abuzz with the ubiquitous sound that breaks the sleepy silence of weekend mornings. Lawnmowers. Will you be one of those? Or will yours be the one that’s coughing and sputtering? It all depends on how you prepare for the mowing season. I admit that I’m not a mechanic. That’s why we […]

Mow High To Keep Your Lawn Healthy

Imagine the trauma that your lawn suffers every time it’s mowed. Every time it starts to grow, the new growth is cut off. Actually, turfgrass takes these frequent mowings in stride, if they are done properly. Properly means starting with a good, sharp blade. If you have ever tried shaving with a less than sharp […]