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Check For Weeds & Mulch

As the weather improves, your green thumb may start getting itchy. The weather may not be good enough to do any planting or bed preparation yet but there are some things you can do that will get you out of the house and into the yard. On a nice day with no snow, may I […]

Weed, Mulch & Remove Debris

With fall upon us, you may think that your landscaping work is done for the season. Sorry; there are still some jobs left that we lump under “Fall Clean-Up.” They include weeding, mulching and removing any debris. Weeding needs to continue until the plants go dormant. It behooves you to keep up with it because […]

Winter Mulching

We advocate mulching around the base of your plants all year round but it’s even more important in the winter. Mulch moderates soil temperatures, reducing the impact of temperature swings on plant roots. These swings are year round considerations. In spring, summer and fall, however, temperature swings aren’t as significant as they are in winter. […]

Cool Your Roots With Mulch

Mulch provides your landscape plants with many benefits. The most obvious is the finished look it gives your landscape. Its most important benefits, however, occur below ground. Mulch retains moisture and releases it over time, and it also moderates soil temperatures. These are important considerations this summer. Remember the prediction that this will be a […]

Mulching And Edging Your Planting Beds

Mulching and edging your planting beds can feel like a punishment you have to endure in order to enjoy the pleasure of planting colorful annuals. As we approach Memorial Day next week, which is the traditional time for planting annuals in our area, some of us put off the planting to avoid the necessary prep […]

Fall Is For Planting

Horticulture has two mantras that we always remind you of when talking or writing about planting. One is “right plant, right place,” which we’ll discuss later. The other is “Fall is for Planting.” Fall is the ideal time to plant almost everything from lawns to trees. There are a few plants, however, that should be […]

Careful Maintenance Creates Healthy Landscapes

Landscaping adds beauty and value to our property. As I pointed out in a previous blog, it can ad as much a 15 percent to the value of your property. That’s why I recommend careful maintenance. Careful maintenance doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive. By careful maintenance, we mean efficient maintenance. Here are […]

Mulch Will Help Plants Cope With Our Crazy Summer

Our last blog made suggestions about modifying your watering habits in the wake of our  wet spring and uncertain summer. Mulch can reduce the amount of work, and guess work, that you would be facing otherwise. Mulch plays a greater role in your landscape than just looking nice. Mulch moderates soil temperatures, reducing the time […]

Do You Know What You’re Going To Do With Your Landscape This Spring?

Winter is the time when most people decide to repaint or redecorate their homes. This isn’t a statistical fact, just an observation. It’s the season when we spend the most time in the house and the walls can begin to close in on us. The same phenomenon should occur outside in our landscapes. Since we are on […]

Mulch – Soil Protection For The Winter

Winter in our area is unpredictable to say the least. Yet, your trees, shrubs and perennials have to stand out there and take whatever Mother Nature heaps upon them. You will have healthier, happier plants if you put boots on them. Boots? Yes, to protect their feet (roots). We know plant boots better as mulch. […]