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Mulching With Christmas Trees

We have received a number of inquiries asking whether chipped up Christmas trees can be used for mulch, and whether the chips can be spread now or whether they have to be aged. The answer to the first question is that they can be used now, as long as the tree was healthy. If you […]

To Rake Or Not To Rake

Every fall, homeowners are faced with the choice of raking (or blowing) fallen tree and shrub leaves off their lawns or just letting nature take its course. Hopefully, raking wins out. Here’s why. While dead leaves make good compost, they can smother your lawn when left in their “raw” form. A virtually impenetrable mat of […]

Mulch Will Help Plants Cope With Our Crazy Summer

Our last blog made suggestions about modifying your watering habits in the wake of our  wet spring and uncertain summer. Mulch can reduce the amount of work, and guess work, that you would be facing otherwise. Mulch plays a greater role in your landscape than just looking nice. Mulch moderates soil temperatures, reducing the time […]