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Convert Your Patio Into An Outdoor Room

Have you seen the latest landscaping trend? It’s outdoor rooms. These are super patios with weather-proof furniture, full kitchens, fountains, garden art and all the comforts of a living room outside. Outdoor rooms are actually an extension of your home, like going from your  living room to a family room, except that this room is […]

Add Tranquility To Your Garden This Season

What can soothe more than the sound of gently running water? Nothing. That’s why water features are so popular in landscapes. Asian cultures have known about water’s calming effects for centuries. That is why a water feature is part of most Japanese and Chinese gardens. Water is also one of the four elements of Feng […]

Enjoy Evenings In Your Garden This Season

Your garden/landscape is a 24/7 attraction in your yard. Are you getting the most enjoyment from it? You don’t have to look out the window to a black abyss after dark, you can look out to a beautifully illuminated garden. Better yet, go outside and enjoy your garden on warm summer evenings. Garden lighting can make your garden […]