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Divide Perennials This Spring

If dividing your perennials is one of the fall landscape tasks that you just didn’t get to before winter descended upon us, fear not. It’s ok to do it in the spring. However, you don’t want to run right out and begin dividing perennials now. Right now, the soil is either frozen or muddy, neither […]

Spring Is A Nice time To Divide Perennials

Early spring is a good time to divide perennials. Dividing them now will give each section plenty of time to recover and begin growing and you, or whomever you give some to, will have the whole season to enjoy them before the plants fade this fall. If you want to get out in the garden […]

Color Should Appear Soon

Spring will soon wake up from its winter slumber, and with it will come the rainbow of color that we all look forward to. Some call it a rebirth, but it is really a reawakening. This color arrives relatively quietly. First the crocus peeks its colorful petals out of the ground, even if it’s covered […]

Landscaping Projects For The Waning Days Of Summer

Due to its late start, summer seems to be speeding by at breakneck speed. If the season is passing faster than you can get your summer projects done, fear not, there is still plenty of time. Just choose your projects carefully. Select projects that won’t be affected by the forthcoming winter. Plant only late season […]

Split & Share Perennials

This fall, do something really nice for your gardening friends at no cost to you. Give them plants. No, don’t go out and buy plants. Take them from your garden. Fall is for planting. It’s also for splitting perennials. If you are a seasoned gardener, I’m sure you already split your perennials every year. If, […]

Fall Gardening Tips

Fall is for planting, but it is for much more as you prepare your gardens for winter. I have already covered fall planting, but there are a number of other tasks that should be done at this time. They include: Mowing Your Lawn. Continue to mow at 2 ½” to 3” until it stops growing […]

Spring Is Issuing A Wake Up Call

The Ides of March signal the first awakening of spring. Other signs are all over your yard as your plants begin to wake up from their winter dormancy. Often, however, you have to look carefully to see them because they wake up with a whispering yawn rather than a great big shout. Right now, you […]