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Keeping Your Trees Healthy This Summer

Now that your trees are all leafed out, how do they look? Nice and green? Plenty of foliage? This is a good sign that they’re healthy. To be sure, though, I recommend that you call for a tree inspection by one of our 10 Certified Arborists. We’ll check the trunk, branches and roots to be […]

Why Plant Health Care Is So Important This Year

Imported, invasive pests are coming at us in droves. Last week, I wrote about the emerald ash borer, but this is only one invasive pest that came from abroad. Granted it’s getting most of the attention because it’s the most active invasive here. Last month, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Monroe County held a first detectors […]

Making Spring Gardening Easy

A good starting point for planning your 2015 gardening and landscape work is to consult your journal. Last May, I suggested that you manage your landscape by keeping a garden journal. If you did that, you’ve probably already consulted the journal to schedule this year’s activities. If you didn’t start a journal last year, consider […]

February Time To Have Your PHC Strategy In Place

If you’re taking a wait and see attitude about Plant Health Care, the results could be very costly. We recommend that you have a professional Plant Health Care strategy in place before your plants show symptoms of any insect infestations or diseases this spring. Waiting gives pests an opportunity to gain a foothold. Active planning […]

What To Do With All That Plant Health Care Information

If you are one of our Plant Health Care and/or lawn care customers, you probably received a thick envelope full of all sorts of papers recently. This is your 2015 contract renewal packet. Some people have told us that this looks so intimidating that they just set it aside. If this includes you, please accept […]

Managing Your Landscape

Have you ever wondered why your landscape needs active management when wild plants live nicely in their natural environments? People ask me that question all the time. In answer, I often use dogs and wolves as an analogy. Wolves get along quite well in the wild, but dogs don’t. When we domesticated wolves, we agreed […]

Plant Health Care Is Good For The Environment As Well As Your Landscape

These days, human health practitioners are advocating wellness care, which is also called preventive care or holistic medicine. It’s a fact that early diagnosis and treatment can often result in less aggressive treatment and a more positive prognosis. The same is true for your landscape plants. For this reason, arborists and landscape contractors have embraced […]

Have A Health Plan For Your Landscape

It can be easy to forget that our landscapes are made up of living organisms. Unlike children and pets that jump and run, plants remain firmly rooted. Yet, when they flower and grow to the point that they need pruning, that should remind us that plants have health needs, just like family members in the […]

Is Fall Coming Early?

Do you have tree leaves turning color and dropping already? It might seem as though autumn has arrived early. The calendar hasn’t jumped forward a couple of months, though. The early defoliation is due to the drought. In most cases, there is no remedy. Many trees will leaf out and come back to life in […]