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Time To Spring Into Action

As March exits like a lamb and April steps up to usher in spring, the time has finally come for you to, once again, step outside and begin waking up your landscape from its winter nap. April is when you should cut back your ornamental grasses and remove that extra inch or two of mulch […]

Is That Big Tree An Asset Or A Risk?

As Fall continues to envelope us, it’s obvious that winter is not going to pass us by this year. It’s just taking its own sweet time and giving us an opportunity to extend our outdoor season. If you’ve done all of the winter preparations I’ve shared over the past few weeks, everything should be secured […]

Proper Pruning Improves Tree Health and Longevity

You can help your trees take shape by having them pruned properly. Proper pruning helps them grow into the shape you want, especially when trees are young. It takes a basic understanding of tree biology to prune trees in a way that promotes and maintains their health and structure. Proper pruning also improves the tree’s […]

Time To Trim Shrubs & Hedges

This is the time of year when some landscape plants have a bad hair day every day. This is especially true for shrubs and hedges. This is a good time to give most of them a haircut, or even a new hairstyle. I say most shrubs and hedges because some haven’t bloomed yet, and you […]

Pruning Shrubs & Ornamental Trees

The lower branches on your shrubs and ornamental trees are especially susceptible to winter damage. This damage could be from wind, snow or animals. These branches are the food that sustains deer and a variety of rodents, including field mice and rabbits. Now that spring is beginning to appear, it’s time to prune out any […]

Give Your Outdoor Trees A Holiday Gift

Last week, I shared TLC (tender loving care) ideas for your Christmas tree, which you take into the house for a couple of weeks. This week, I’d like to make some suggestions about giving your outdoor trees a holiday gift. You know which trees. They’re standing out there in your yard taking all the bad […]

Pruning Evergreens

Summer is the ideal time to prune most evergreens. This includes both conifers like pine and spruce and broadleaf evergreens like rhododendrons and boxwoods. The reasons are twofold. First, the buds that produce new growth formed last fall on the old wood of many evergreens. New growth is the light green needles that appear at […]