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Time To Take It Easy & Enjoy Your Landscape

Do you fidget, walk around your property, and feel guilty about not having any gardening tasks to do in the middle of summer? There’s no reason to; you should be doing nothing right now. It’s summer; you’ve done all you can to give your landscape tender, loving care. Now it’s time to enjoy it. Take […]

Designing Theme Gardens Within Your Landscape

Have you ever wished for a Japanese Garden? Or an Alpine Garden? Or a desert garden? You don’t have to have a large estate to make your wish come true. You can divide a typical suburban yard into any or all of these theme gardens. During the winter, think about what garden themes you would […]

Enjoy Evenings In Your Garden This Season

Your garden/landscape is a 24/7 attraction in your yard. Are you getting the most enjoyment from it? You don’t have to look out the window to a black abyss after dark, you can look out to a beautifully illuminated garden. Better yet, go outside and enjoy your garden on warm summer evenings. Garden lighting can make your garden […]